Singapore food

Singapore food

19th Dec 2017

You can find different types of food to meet your varied choices and tastes. You can find here Malay, local Chinese, Eurasian, to Indian and international. It is considered to be a nation that calls all foodie lovers of the world to visit it and to enjoy every moment of their stay. In short, food is king in Singapore and there is no denying this fact. It also can be depicted that eating is a favorite pastime of the citizens here, one that has successfully pulled tourists from all corners of the globe to experience it.

Restaurant or local food

This is a choice for the individual to make. For local food, you need to head to a Coffee Shop, Food Court or the Hawker Centre. The coffee shops and hawker center generally are slightly affordable than the food courts, however, for that extra dollar, it does have air condition that can be a wonderful choice especially during the hot summer. But, if variety and food quality is the choice, then it is the hawker center where you should head for!!!

If you are new to Singapore and would like to have some fine dining tips, then you can try out the Indian Fish head curry, Malay’s Satay and the popular Chinese chicken rice.

If you are looking for some place to impress your beloved one, then there are several restaurants in Singapore that do serve Asian, western or Chinese food.

Hawker centers

It is said to be quite unique to the Asian culture and probably Singapore is one of the most important destination where you can enjoy hawker food. Right from the nation’s beginnings to till this day, this country has been able to manage to have a wonderful reputation, when culinary is concerned. This has become the must visit destination for all foodie lovers across the globe. There are around one hundred and twenty established hawker centers having set up their shops throughout the country and one can find average of about 100 drink and food stalls.

Several popular centers include China-town complex food centre, Lau Pa Sat, East-Coast Lagoon Food village, Newton Food Centre and Tiong-Bahru Food centre. You can visit the five popular hawker centers found across Chinatown.

Coffee shops

Coffee shops also have adopted the fashion of open air dining, just like the hawker centers, something that is very unique to Singapore. Coffee shop in Hokkien stands for ‘kopi-tiam’. Such establishments are generally found at the small housing estate corners present across the island. Here the customers can be viewed sitting and enjoying their kopi.

Food courts

These are also very much similar to the hawker centers. With Singapore’s growth, most of the hawkers have moved indoors their business to set up air conditioned food courts. The indoor street fare generally is a mainly mixture of ethnic cuisines of Singapore like Indian, Malay and Chinese.

Singapore Food Court

Singapore food variety and types

Chinese food

There are plenty of varieties of Chinese food found here. The varieties include bland to spicy; deep-fried to steamed; dry to soupy, and much more. Some of the well known ones that are frequented are Fried Hokkien Mee, Char Kway Teow and Wanton Mee. These are highly recommended to the first time visitors.

Peranakan and Malay food

This popular food culture tends to involve spice, color and flavor in plenty. Often Malay food is said to be found in Nasi Padang form, where you have the option to choose the different types of vegetable or meat dishes as desired you to be eaten with rice. Satay is a must try dish. The other noodle dishes that you can have are Laksa, Mee Rebus or Mee Siam.

Indian food

It can be southern (rich, spicy and hot) or Northern (lighter and milder) dishes. However, it is the South Indian Muslim food that is quite popular here. Food items like Mutton or Chicken biryani, fish head curry and Murtabak are some of the popular dishes that should be tasted.

Asian food

In Singapore, you can find food from all parts of Asia, something that is rarely found elsewhere. There is a wide range of Asian food to be enjoyed. Although it is not much popularly found in the coffee shops and hawker centers, you can still avail Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and Thai food stalls.

Restaurant food

It is a fact that hawker centers have taken the lead in Singapore’s culinary list. But the restaurants are not to be left behind. They are equally satisfying and also provide quality food to the hungry tourists who crave quality food, worth the money. There are numerous dining establishments in the city. You can go through the map and find out a dining place that suits your needs and taste, where you can comfortably dine in luxury, style and comfort.

Chinese restaurants

Chinese cuisine is actually classified into several dialect food groups like Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien. You can find that the Singapore Chinese restaurants have adopted to a specific dining style. Dim Sums (bite size food served in bamboo crates) are quite common here. Noodles and fried rice generally form the major portion of a meal and are often accompanied by dishes like Sweet and sour pork, Gong Bao chicken, shark fin soup, steamed fish.

Western food restaurants

Singapore French food

It is a known fact that the French are very much health conscious. The French are beauty conscious and are aware that only good and high quality food when properly eaten can lead to good health and a fit body. This is something that you can experience, only if you visit a French restaurant. The French restaurants of Singapore prefer to provide quality food, rather than focus on the food quantity. However, their menu is on the expensive side, despite small portions being served. The local French restaurants here are known to offer delicacies like goose liver (Foie Gras), truffles, baked snails (Escargots) and fish roe (Caviar).

Italian food

Almost every Italian meal is accompanied by wine and cheese, something that they cannot do away with. The dishes are prepared with cheese and then topped with extra cheese. One can find a wide variety of cheese that is present in various forms and tastes like shredded, sliced, powdered, cubed and grated. The regular items that can be found on any given day at the Italian restaurant are pasta, salads, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, and wine, something that the Italians take immense pride in. Moreover, these restaurants boast of having a romantic ambience, hence, making it the perfect place to go with a date.

Asian food restaurants in Singapore

Indian food

There are numerous Indian restaurants here serving a wide range of Indian cuisine. But, the one that is popular is the Southern Indian varieties. It is differentiated from its northern Indian counterpart just by the usage of chili, spices and tamarind. Hence, the south Indian meals do leave the taste buds quite numb and biting. You can avail the very best Indian food and have your fill of the curry fish head bowl along with bread loaf.

Indonesian and Malay food

Malay food which is served in the Singapore restaurants are termed to be a combination of Thai and Indonesian flavors. It includes the likes of turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, dried shrimp paste and chilies, which are thrown in a punch for the curries. The cuisine is generally rich in ground peanuts and coconut milk that provides gravies an additional texture and taste. Other popular restaurant menu is the Nasi Padang. It is said to be rice served along with vegetables, meat, and spicy gravy.

Singapore Thai food

Aromas and flavors are given greater importance in Thai Food. The cooking style of the Thai tends to focus on variety, details and balance. The visitor can find that having all the five taste components merged in one dish like spicy, tangy, bitter, savory and sweet is something that is not uncommon. The dishes are very rich and more especially their curries like the green seafood curry that makes usage of plenty of coconut milk does have additional taste and texture. If you go for something lighter, then the local noodle dish, Phad Thai, along with rice dishes like Olive rice, Pineapple rice, or Parkprik rice can be the right choice to make.

Singapore Japanese food

Japanese food is said to have caught the imagination of the young residents of Singapore. This is because, Japanese food is of top class and something that should not be missed, especially if you are a foodie and just love to have varieties. Some of the commonly prepared are Teppanyaki, Sashimi, Bento sets and sushi. The Japanese restaurants, do offer a huge variety on its menu. Sashimi is considered to be raw slices of different sea foods such as squid and fish; Teppanyaki is a particular cooking style, where the Japanese chef would pan-fry the meal right in front of his customers on the heated metal surface; while Sushi is just like Sashimi, however, has extra rice servings; Bento has different compartments to hold variety of food like sushi, vegetables and battered seafood and is boxed meal.