The Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling

19th Dec 2017

The Singapore Sling

A world famous drink that is enjoyed by everyone

The Sling – A brief history

It is an acclaimed and highly popular alcoholic beverage, with its roots dating back to the early 1900s. However, unlike countless of cocktails present, this one boasts of a history that is rather a mystery to many. Its heavenly creation is surrounded with questions that are yet to be fully answered.

This ingenious recipe had been initially discovered in 1915 by a Chinese-Hainanese bar tender named Mr. Ngiam Boon, who had earlier served at the Raffle Hotel in Singapore.

This cocktail drink is highly praised by its fans, because of the different flavors which get whipped into it, thereby completing each other perfectly. Hence, the individual trying out for the first time can understand and experience as to why this drink is highly popular and is sure to crave for more of it. A single sip can change the way, the person views the Sling. Furthermore, this beverage is also known to live up to its stylish presentation.

Rates and Recipe

This beverage is said to have somewhat changed over the years. Its fans have noticed a change in the drink, since the original recipe somewhat got lost in the 20th century. It was only later in 1970 that the nephew of Ngiam Tong Boo, who formulated and then modified this beverage into a new recipe, which presently can be found at any cocktail bar.

When it is served straight, it can be quite a tasteful mixture and comprise of Brandy, Gin, Cointreau, Grenadine, Benedictine Dom, freshly squeezed lime-juice, pineapple juice, with Angostura bitters, and have it topped with Maraschino cherries and pineapple slice. You can simply find it in its refreshing goodness at just the price of S$29 at Long Bar.

Original recipe at Raffles Hotel Long-Bar

Heering Cherry Liqueur15ml
Pineapple juice120ml
Lime Juice15ml
Dom Benedictine7.5ml
Angostura Bitters – A dash
Slice of cherry & pineapple – to garnish

Which is the better ‘sling’ in Singapore?

Unfortunately, most of the Sling bars found in Singapore do not boast of serving the authentic one. Even the one that is served at Long Bar has been stated by a visitor to serve something that more or less tastes like that of ‘over-sweetened cough medicine’, although given its high price.

The great-grandnephew of Ngiam Tong Boon, Mr. Albert Yam, who is also a bartender, was invited by Straits Times, a local newspaper to taste the Sling at several cocktail bars of Singapore and to provide his opinion on it. The comments that were published on May 9, 2010 are given below:

Comment: Close match
Bar: Ta Ke
Location: Studio ‘M’ Hotel, 3, Nanson Rd., # 68088888
Rates: S$21.20

Comment: Appears the part
Bar: Loof
Location: Odeon Towers, # 63388035
Rates: S$20

Comments: Lacks the flavor
Bar: Singapore-Sling Boutique Bar
Location: Clarke-Quay, The Foundry, # 62232282
Rates: S$20.10

Comments: Tad bitter
Bar: No. Five
Location: 5, Emerald Hill Rd., # 67120818
Rates: S$14

Comments: Decent
Bar: Introbar
Location: Swissotel, ‘The Stamford’, 2 Stamford Rd., # 63388585
Rates: S$11.77 (3pm – 9pm happy hour price)

Comments: Not appropriate
Bar: Alley Bar
Location: 2, Emerald Hill Rd., # 67388818
Rates: S$12.23

Comments: Not appropriate
Bar: Long Bar
Location: Raffles Hotel; 1, Beach Rd., # 63371886
Rates: S$29.45

Recommended alternative beverage

This cocktail is known to act as a metaphorical drink that does define Singapore’s multi-race and multi-culture. The ingredient mixture, which is used for preparing this beverage is somewhat similar to the diversified Chinese, Eurasian, Indian, Malay cultures that comes together to form a unique Singapore.

Moreover, you can find several affordable alternatives that are quite authentic to Singapore’s culinary culture. If you do not find it to be adequate, then you can always try out the sling that is popular here. The alternative beverages that are popular with the Singaporeans are Fresh coconut juice, sugarcane, soy bean milk and chin chow.

So, there is no need to wait. You just need to know what is required and simply walk into any food court or hawker center that is sure to pamper you with rich, delicious food and also serve beverages that would leave you wanting for more.